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instructions on how to view your watermarked rosters:

- Go to and login with your coach's login information.

- Click Team management on the left, then click View/Print Active US Club Roster, then click the team, then "View" (Watermarked Roster)!

- Print a few just to have some copies in your possession.

(Changes are due every Thurs at noon if a new watermarked roster needs to be submitted to NCSA, NO EXCEPTIONS). Coaching coverages/players playing up do not require new watermarks. Player Jersey # changes and new players to the team DO require us to submit the updated roster for a new watermark)

instructions on how to submit your Match Day Forms (MDF's):

- Click Team management on the left, then click "Match Day Form."

- Click the game # for the weekend's game.

- Fill out the coach's name and pass/ID # in the required spaces(You can find the coach's ID # on the watermarked roster). Enter all coaches that will be on the sideline. 

- Click yes/no for any players "playing up". *Unlimited players can play "up", a max of 2 players per game are allowed to play down. If yes, enter their information.

- Click Save & View/Print.

* Coaches must do this for every game, at least 24 hrs in advance. If you submit this and then find out you are having a player play up, you can do it again and it will save the last submit as your MDF.

Submitting this gives the ref the ability to check you in electronically from his phone(NCSA is completely paperless). You still need to have player passes on you at all times. You can print the match day form after clicking save & view print

Submitting Game Scores:  GAME SCORES Must be summitted after the game, through your Login. The winning team must record the score online via the NCSA website at within 4 hours of completion of the game. In case of a tie, the home team must record the score. When recording the game score, the team entering the score shall report the correct score. If the score is not recorded within 4 hours, or if the score is incorrect, the offending team(s) shall be subject to a $25 fine. In an effort to limit excessive scoring, any team that wins a game with a greater than 7-goal differential, the head coach must appear before the Games Conduct Committee and shall be assessed a minimum of $100 fine and may also be assessed a 1 game suspension. In addition, any team that wins by more than 7 goals will only be awarded 2 points for the win instead of 3. 

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