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To add a new player to the club during the seasonal year. (Information for our coaches to follow)

- Direct the player to our club website. Click login and make an account.

- Register for the team that they are joining for 21-22.


- Please get the player's birth certificate in advance. (NCSA teams Only)


- Contact Andy and let him know you are adding this player, and give him the town that the player lives in. (ALL Teams). New players must be approved by Andy and the board.


- Once approved, text Phil to add the player to the team. Please specify the team(Age group and EDP, or the NCSA team with the age group and flight Letter (NO COLORS!). 

- If the player is joining an NCSA team, send the birth certificate to Phil by email or text. The Birth certificate unfortunately cannot be grabbed from the registration platform! One needs to be sent in. (No Birth certificate = No pass). A uniform # will then be assigned.

- Collect a US Club Waiver Form (Filled out and signed by the parent). NCSA Teams Only.  This can also be emailed to you.


- Direct the player to purchase a jersey from the Uniform Store under TEAM CENTRAL on the website ( 

Roster Moves From 1 Team to another

- Contact Phil to move a player permanently from 1 team to another. Please specify what team the player is being dropped from, and what team the player is going to.(Age group and EDP, or the NCSA team with the age group and flight Letter (NO COLORS!!)). 

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