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The Coach

  • Treats own players, parents and opponents with respect

  • Teaches and inspires soccer players to love the game, and instills the desire to compete fairly

  • Is the type of person he/she wants the players to be

  • Sets high standards of performance and conduct, and maintains control and discipline of the team at all times

  • Respects the judgment and interpretation of the rules by the officials

  • Realizes that he/she is a teacher/coach and therefore understands the game and proper soccer behavior at all times.​

The Player

  • Treats opponents with respect

  • Plays hard, but plays within the rules of the game of soccer

  • Demonstrates self-control

  • Respects the officials and accepts their decisions without gesture or argument

  • Wins without boasting, loses without excuses and never quits

  • Remembers that it is a privilege to represent the Torpedoes Soccer Club.

The Parent

  • Does not coach the players (including their own child) from the sidelines during the game

  • Respects the judgment of the referee and does not criticize officials

  • Focuses on mastering soccer skills knowledge and, to some extent, game strategies

  • Decreases the pressure on their child to win

  • Believes that soccer's primary value is to allow youth the opportunity for self-development

  • Understands the risks.  A soccer game is full of mistakes.  Playing soccer is a willingness to chance a failure

  • Communicate with the coach and create a positive working relationship

  • Controls negative emotions and thinks positively.

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