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U8-U14 Program

Teams are created based on birth year as per league requirements and ability level. All teams play both a fall and spring seasons, and also attend winter training at our new indoor facility.  Torpedoes teams play in either the Northern County Soccer Association (NCSA) or EDP league.


Teams also participate in various tournaments throughout the year, including possible indoor events and tournaments during the winter.

Structure of Teams:
Tryouts are held in the spring for the upcoming fall/winter/spring season.
  • U8 - Teams will be play 4v4 and possibly 7v7. The age group will train together with multiple coaches giving all players the same chance to learn and develop. Depending on desire and ability players will have the chance to play in both 4v4 and 7v7 games. 

  • U9 & U10 - Up to three teams of 12 players (maximum 14).  We expect to carry an “A Team” (Red), a “B Team” (White) and a “C” Team (Black). These teams play 7v7 on a small sided field.

  • U11 & U12 - Up to three teams of 12 players (maximum 14).  We expect to carry an “A Team” (Red), a “B Team” (White) and a “C” Team (Black). These teams play 9v9 on a small sided field.    

  • Full-sided (U13 – U14) - Generally a maximum of two teams are formed with 16 to 18 players rostered on each team.  We carry an “A Team” (Red team) and a “B Team” (White team).  These teams play 11v11 on a full-sized field.

EDP Teams:

Our EDP teams are for advanced players who wish to put in a larger commitment to soccer. EDP teams will practice 3 times per week, play in the Eastern Development Program League, and play in higher level tournaments.

U8 boys

Players are expected to attend two practices per week during the fall season (mid-August to November) and spring season (mid-March to mid-June). Two practices per week will also be held during the winter (we understand conflicts with other sports a possibility).Coaches will try to avoid conflicts as much as possible 



Boys play on Saturdays in Fall and Sundays in Spring.  Girls play on Sundays in the fall and spring (depending on team competition)


Teams attend two to three tournaments per year.  Typical tournament weekends are Labor Day Weekend (or the weekend before), Columbus Day Weekend, and Memorial Day Weekend.  U8 teams are exempted from mandatory participation in tournaments. Additionally many age groups form teams that play in summer tournaments

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