The purpose of the Torpedoes Soccer Club, founded in 1974, is three-fold:

  1. to promote participation in the sport of soccer through organization, operation and maintenance of a competitive youth soccer program based in the Township of Wyckoff, while providing an environment that encourages learning and enjoyment;

  2. to promote and instill good sportsmanship and fellowship among all players, coaches and parents through principals of honesty, discipline and fair play;

  3. to educate players, parents and the general public with respect to the game of soccer and the value of the sport to them.


The Torpedoes Soccer Club teams currently participates in the Northern Counties Soccer Association or the Eastern Development Program (EDP).


Teams are comprised of boys and girls ages 6 to 19 based on calendar years. Division 3 and younger (under 14) Torpedoes play a fall season and all Torpedoes teams, including Division 1 and 2 (high school age), play a spring season. Teams also participate in various tournaments throughout the year including indoor events during the winter.

The Torpedoes Soccer Club is the only club in the area with an indoor soccer turf facility, which is open year-round for the exclusive use of our teams at no charge. 

Dedicated to Excellence in Youth Soccer