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Team reimbursement policy:

  • TSC will reimburse each team for the entry fees in relation to (1) league during a season. Teams choosing to play in multiple leagues will have to budget for the cost of the second league

  • TSC will reimburse teams for one set of team cards, those choosing to dual card will have to budget for the cost of carding in a second league.

  • Each team is eligible for reimbursement for the entry fee to enter (1) cup style event in the Fall and the Spring seasons.

  • All referee fees pertaining to league games and cup play are eligible for reimbursement.

  • This applies even if your team is entered in multiple leagues. Referee fees associated with scrimmages and friendlies will be the responsibility of the individual team. Team managers will need to submit the completed schedules with proof of completed play at the end of the season along with their reimbursement request.

  • All fees associated with tournaments are the responsibility of each individual team.

  • All fees associated with player training are the responsibility of each individual team.

  • Cards for all leagues cost (appx. $20 per issued card)

These are the fees associated with the different the leagues and cup events:




EDP Open Cup (Fall-Spring) $250.00

New Jersey Cup (Spring) $250.00 (This Cup requires US Club Passes)

NJYS Sate Cup (Fall) three levels,$225.00/$200.00/$160.00 with early registration fee (August 5th)


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