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High School Age Tryout Registration is Open

Click HERE to Register

Tryouts for High School students (2005 - 2008) will be held on Sunday, November 6 at Pulis Turf Field in Wyckoff.

2008* Boys - 4:30pm (Field B)

2006-2007 Boys - 6:30pm (Field A)

2007-2008* Girls - 8:00pm (Field A)

2006 Girls - 6:00pm (Field B)

2005 Girls - 7:30pm (Field B)

 * 2008 players who are already on a team in the fall do not need to try out.


If you have any questions about tryouts, please contact our Director Of Coaching Andy Meaney at

When Are Tryouts/Registering

How To Register

Table of Contents:

2010 Boys Corner.jpg

Torpedoes Goals:

Our goal is to provide players with an environment in which they can improve their soccer skills, encourage a love of the game and most importantly to have fun. 

Tryout Procedure

Every effort should be made to attend the scheduled tryout session. If you cannot attend please advise the Head Coach (for existing players) or our Director of Coaching (new players) to schedule an evaluation.

  • There is no guaranteed spot on any team from year to year. Players are placed on a team and bound to that team for the duration of the subsequent fall-spring soccer season.

  • Independent trainers run tryouts and make assessments.

  • Players will be judged on athletic ability, speed and coordination, soccer aptitude, field awareness, attitude and other considerations.

  • The Torpedoes Board makes final determinations on rosters proposed by the trainers.

  • Tryout results will be emailed to players after tryouts.  We ask parents/players to accept/decline the position within 72 hours.

Tryout Procedure
Structure of Teams
  • Teams are not divided up by ability until U9.  Teams will be play 4 vs. 4 during the fall at u8, with occasional 7 vs. 7 scrimmages, depending on the team.  During the spring, teams will either play 4 vs. 4 or 7 vs. 7, at the trainer's discretion.

  • U9 & U10 - Up to three teams of 10 players (maximum 12).  We expect to carry an “A Team” (Red), a “B Team” (White) and a “C” Team (Black). These teams play 7v7 on a small sided field.

  • U11 & U12 - Up to three teams of 12 players (maximum 14).  We expect to carry an “A Team” (Red), a “B Team” (White) and a “C” Team (Black). These teams play 9v9 on a small sided field.·      

  • Full-sided (U13 – U14) - Generally a maximum of two teams are formed with 16 to 18 players rostered on each team.  We carry an “A Team” (Red team) and a “B Team” (White team).  These teams play 11v11 on a full-sized field.

EDP Teams:

Our EDP teams are for advanced players who wish to put in a larger commitment to soccer. EDP teams will practice 3 times per week, play in the Eastern Development Program League, and play in higher level tournaments.


Club Registration and Dual-Carding

The Torpedoes must be a player's primary soccer club commitment.  Any player considering also playing for another club must consult the Torpedoes policy on dual carding.

Coaches/Trainers (for bios, click HERE)
  • EDP teams are professionally trained and coached for practices and games. Three practices per week.

  • NCSA Teams are professionally trained and coached for practices and games.  Two practices per week.

  • U8 and U9 teams have option of a professional trainer coaching games***

***Dependent on trainer availability.  All parent coaches are required to have a minimum Coaching Level II Certification.

  • All Torpedoes trainers are overseen by Director of Coaching Andy Meaney, and are required to continue their growth as trainers through coaching courses and workshops.  

Structure of Teams
EDP Teams
Club Registration/Dual Carding


We are proud of our excellent facilities, which include:

  • Pulis Turf Fields - Fantastic lighted turf facility used year-round by Torpedoes.

  • New Indoor Facility - Our new indoor facility right in Wyckoff will be available in 2023. Exact date TBD.

  • Soccer Court – Opened in Fall of 2011, the Soccer Court (The Cage) is a fenced in turf field and is used by our teams virtually all year long. It is located next to Memorial Field behind the library in Wyckoff.

  • Grass Fields - Currently Torpedoes teams have access to various natural grass fields throughout Wyckoff.

  • Other Turf Fields - During the spring we also have access to Ramapo High School's turf field as well as Memorial turf field in Wyckoff.

Estimated Fees

Players are expected to attend two practices per week during the fall season (mid-August to November) and spring season (mid-March to mid-June). Two practices per week will also be held during the winter (we understand conflicts with other sports are a possibility).Coaches will try to avoid conflicts as much as possible. 


NCSA Teams: Boys play on Saturdays in Fall and Sundays in Spring.  Girls play on Sundays in the fall and spring.

EDP Teams: Games are scheduled by the team trainer while working with the opposing team. Most will be on Saturday or Sunday.


Teams attend two to three tournaments per year.  Typical tournament weekends are Labor Day Weekend (or the weekend before), Columbus Day Weekend (mandatory), and Memorial Day Weekend (mandatory).  U7 and U8 teams are exempted from mandatory participation in tournaments. Additionally many age groups form teams that play in summer tournaments. 

Conflicting Sports Policy

Players are expected to attend every scheduled Torpedoes practice and game.  If a player misses a practice or game due to a conflict with another sport during the fall season, the coach may reduce the player’s game time.  Excessive absence may result in a player’s expulsion from the Torpedoes.  The Torpedoes do not have a rule barring a player from playing soccer and another sport in the fall, but the club strongly suggests that the parents give a great deal of thought to whether playing multiple sports in the fall is a good idea for their child, particularly in the light of the commitment necessary to be a Torpedoes player.

Conflicting Sports Policy
Club Registration Fees 2022-2023 Season
(covers fixed costs incurred for facilities and operations)

Pre-K & K-1 clinic ............ $199  (Per Clinic held 1x/week for 10 weeks)

U7 Program      ............ $249 (Per season, 3 season program 2x/week) 

U8 to U14          .............. $599 (Full Year- August to June)

High School

(Winter/Spring Season)...............$475  ($399 after March 1st)

2012 Girls Red.jpg
Additional Costs:

Uniform Kit: $200

Torpedoes is on a 4-year uniform cycle. 2021-22 started a new 4-year cycle.

Estimated Team Fees: 

Team fees apply to team U8 and up and are in addition to Club Registration Fee and are collected by each team assistant or manager. This fee covers tournament fees, trainer costs for practices and games and other miscellaneous costs that occur at the team level. These will vary depending on the level of team activity and tournaments entered.

Small Sided & 4v4 (U8-U12): $500 to $1500 per year in addition to Club Registration Fee

Full Sided (U13-U15): $600 to $1500 per year in addition to Club Registration Fee

***EDP and red teams may incur higher team fees due to increased number of practices per week and additional tournaments.

Max Field Usage Fee - $75 per season if team practices more than 2x a week and $75 per season if team plays in more than 1 league. This amount will be added to the team fees collected.

Once a position is accepted and paid, there will be no refund of the registration fee.  Once the season starts, there will be no refunds of registration or team fees collected. There is no discount offered if a player cannot attend winter practices or one of the weekly practices due to a personal conflict.

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