Dear Families,


At this point, most teams’ acceptances have been sent. Please accept the position within 72 hrs. After accepting the position and paying through Sports Connect (the link that was sent in the acceptance email), please follow these steps to login to GotSport to get a player pass for the fall. 


In order to generate a player pass for the upcoming 2021-22 season, ALL players are required to follow the additional below steps- please note, this is a different system and process that is used for team acceptance (you must do BOTH-n accept your spot through SportsConnect, AND register for the player pass through GotSport).


The below process is required for your child to play in games next season. We are asking that EDP players do this as well in the case of dual carding or US Club soccer state cup competition. So this is for ALL families to do!



Please go to GotSport (see steps below) and add 3 items to the player's account. We have already created an account for all players. This video can also be of great help to explaining the below steps. 



1) Go to (if you think you know your password, you may try it). If not.....

2) Click forgot password

3) enter the email address associated with torpedoes soccer club. Wait to receive a generated email from gotsport. 

4) Create a password. 

5) Login to the system


If you can not get past step 5, email the following to

  • Player name:

  • Player's date of birth:

  • Your primary email address:

  • Your 1st name and last name:

  • Your zip code:


Please keep in mind that all fields have been imported from your Torpedoes account. For steps 6-8, you have the ability to edit anything that is incorrect.


Most important: the DOB and Birth certificate must match! Do not assume anything is 100% correct, please check!


6) Once logged in, you will first see PARENT information. Please confirm that all personal information is accurate. (No need to enter graduation year/preferred 1st name/DOB). You have the ability to edit. Click Save


7) Click the FAMILY tab on the left, then click the player's name. You


8) You are now viewing the PLAYER. Make sure all of the info is accurate; DOB and gender most importantly, all other info should reflect your info. Do not click any of the teams to opt out of emails. Click Save. 

  • Add a Picture for the pass

    •  Upload a picture at the top of that page.

    • Click Choose File under photo. This must be a clear headshot for the pass.

    • After the picture is shown, you can click it and edit the shape to format it.

    • Click Save

  • Enter your medical information to embed into the US club form. 

    • STEP 1, Click emergency info and fill in all the fields, click save.

    • STEP 2 click the “Forms” tab at the top of the page to fill out the us club form. Click available forms.

    • Then choose the only form on there, which is called form R002 2021-22.

    • Click “start.”

    • Fill out the form and sign the last page.The emergency info that you filled out will embed into that form. 

  • Add the birth certificate

    • Click the documents tab on the left

    • Then click  +New Document. 

    • Using the drop down menu, choose “Proof of Birth - US Club Soccer." 

    • Then click GO.

    • On the document label drop down, choose Birth Certificate, then upload and Save. 

If you have multiple players, to view the 2nd/3rd/4th player, you must start again.


- Click Account

- Click Family

- Click yourself as the parent

- Click Family again, then the other player's name

- Follow step 8 again to add the 3 items for the other player(s). 


Phil Madonia 

Torpedoes Registrar